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5 Mar

Andrea Banks

Writing and Rhetoric

March 5, 2013

S’Marie Clay

The Rollercoaster:

Social Media

Social media has been on the up rise since I was a toddler. It has really put a burden on our generations learning abilities and also our human interaction. For my generation it makes the world move so much “smoother”—smoother being easier for us. We simply send a text to our friends, or if you have a Facebook, simply write on your friends wall and they will simply respond and within seconds we are communicating and making plans. Instead of calling or writing to the person we choose to use social networks to contact them therefore losing the human interaction. This is something that is ruining our minds in a way. We are no longer using our own minds and thoughts to figure things out. Our brain doesn’t have to work as hard. Everyday tasks seem so miniscule with computers and social networking but it is becoming a huge cripple on society. Although is it hurting us, as much as we depend on it I feel the world would be lost without it. I say “everything in moderation.” Only question is how much is too much?

                Facebook is a highly used social network. It was started by Mark Zuckerberg a young Harvard student. It is now competing with twitter as the number one social network in the world. Facebook makes it easy to meet new people online and also stay in contact with ones that you are no longer close to. It’s free and easy to sign up. This all my seem like it’s all in good fun but there have been many reports about sexual predators posing as people that they aren’t to reel in little boys and girls. The reason it is so easy is because there is no way to know if the person you are talking to online is who they really are. A man can create a page and put up pictures saying that he is a 14 year old girl and use that to gain the trust of other young people. They have come up with new security so your page can be private and only friends can write you and see what is on your page but you can still get friend requests from random people. That is something new. Before this people were able to see all of your information and write you a message whether they knew you or not. The same way these sites make it easy for us to stay in contact with family and friends it makes it easier for creeps to prey on people and children. 77% of predator targets are age 14 and older and that is about the age you are allowed to get a Facebook. You are supposed to be in High school to have a Facebook. Nowadays I see 10 year olds on Facebook and that is making a field day for predators.  Facebook is a great thing if it is used correctly but because it isn’t I feel that it shouldn’t be used anymore. It is only making things worse.

Another thing that Facebook is used for that makes it hard to stop predators is half naked picture. Guys and girls these days think its okay to take naked pictures of themselves and put them online. The big problem with this is that sex is way too advertised in our society. Condom commercials are everywhere and a lot of our advertisements for anything have a half-naked girl in them. Because sex is so advertised it makes it seem like sex is okay. So when these girls and boys post these pictures they don’t realize that those pictures no longer belong to them. Although that sounds unfair it is true. People get humiliated every day because of what they choose to post out into the media world. While posting these picks they are showing predators that they are willing to do whatever they want them to do. It shows predators that they don’t have parents watching what they are doing and that is their flag showing that they can prey on these kids.

 One thing that is sweeping the nation is cyber bullying. This is when kids get online and makeup rumors about other kids and because this is a social network the whole internet world can see the lies within a couple of seconds and without thinking twice everyone believes it and continues to spread it. This is also causing a lot of kids and teens to commit suicide. No one ever thought that this thing we call the “internet” would cause so many deaths. I feel like if social networking wasn’t so important maybe kids wouldn’t take it so seriously. Just close your computer or log out. I don’t understand why people choose to let a site ruin their lives. Even though I don’t understand doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. This is real and getting out of hand. I read on this site that 39% of social network users have been cyber bullied in some way compared to the 22% who do not use social networks but do get online. This shows that social networks do increase the chance of cyber bullying. Like I said this is real, lives have been lost and all because of lies and some stupid website that has the smallest importance in our lives. It may be small to some but to others its worth their lives and I feel like there is something wrong with that.

                Recently people have been talking about this T.V. show called Cat fish. It is a show about how people start a relationship online but never meet. Some people are in relationships for years and never really know if who they are in a relationship with are who they say they are. The show was based off of a movie starring Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. These two men told a story about how Nev was tricked to believe that a girl he was dating online was a 20 something single woman, but in reality she was a middle aged woman who even had kids. He was devastated to find out but they did stay friends. He created a T.V. show because he wanted to help people who may be going through the same thing as him. The show helps people finally get the chance to meet their “significant other” to see if the other person is real or not. For some people it is an amazing experience because the person they think is going to show up actually shows up. Although for others it can be life changing. Some people have long term relationships with people that don’t even exist and when they find out they are crushed.  Some people even consider committing suicide because they put so much emotional effort into a relationship that wasn’t even real. Suicide is now a go to thing when it comes to social networks and disappointment. People feel like there is no other way out because the humiliation is literally EVERYWHERE. This is something that I don’t think our country would ever think would happen because of social networking, but when does any human being ever think about all the possibilities?

                Personally I think that social media came into the scene a little too fast and there weren’t any guidelines for it so we all took it and ran with it. I feel like social media is a good thing and it has brought the world together but if it continues to keep going the way it is now, it will destroy our country and possibly the world.

My mom told me that this is the fastest she has ever seen technology grow. My mom is almost 60 so that says something. This is something that is helping and hurting our world. I feel like if we would have continued to use the internet in the way we did when it first came out – just for cataloging not personal or for fun reasons – then there wouldn’t have been as many problems as there are now. There would have still been problems but with no social networks there wouldn’t be cyber bullying, online sexual predators, and we would have better human interaction. I feel like that is really important because humans need that. We are emotional beings and without human interaction we can’t be what we are supposed to be. Like I said before “everything in moderation” Too much of anything can be bad.


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