Response for Intro

12 Sep

After reading this intro I finally came to the realization of what they are talking about. Using others opinions in your writing can make a paper go from boring and one sided to interesting and informational. When writing a piece that is “argumentative” it is essential to have not only your opinion but the opinion of another, even if that opinion goes against yours. An argument starts when one person has an opinion then someone else either questions, or agrees with that opinion. Without that second person there to either agree or question there is not substance to the argument. It isn’t an argument at all.  The point that they made about this in the intro really stuck out to me. I had never thought about writing essays or opinionated speeches in this way. The example they give about King’s letters put it all into context. Without him disagreeing with the opinion of his critics and the law he would have never had the momentum to even write these. As I said before even if the opinions of others are against yours they are useful catapults. As they said in the intro King used the opinions of his critics to not slander in his writing but to use their opinions and add on to them to later make his point even greater. Now THAT is a great writer.


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