Chapter 1 Response

15 Sep

This chapter made a huge point and that is, if you are trying to argue something you have to first state the reason or purpose you are arguing. This chapter started with a story about a conference speaker who was speaking about a sociologist named Dr. X. He went on and on about the good that Dr. X did but never got to the point of why he was defending Dr. X so hard. He forgot to include in his speech the “They Say” as the chapter states. In an argument if you never state why you are arguing, such as someone disagreeing with you, or something that contradicts what you believe, there is no argument, its only one sided opinions that to the audience have no clear meaning or purpose. Another thing the chapter stated was not only do you have to state the “they say” in your piece, but if it is a rather long piece you have to make sure that you continue to remind your audience of the “they say.” It is easy to forget the point of an argument if you only mention the other side’s opinion once. Without this you will lose your audience as they continue to read or listen. 


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