Scan this Book Response

23 Sep

When reading this one thing tat stood out to me in the first half was Kelly’s concept of the “Digital Library” I never thought to think of the resources that we have today in this way. I just simply use them.

 “But because of digital technology, you’ll be able to reach inside it from almost any device that sports a screen.”

This quote to me said it all. In the times we are in today, as long as you have access to any type of technology with a screen you will have access to anything and everything that a library could ever offer. It is interesting to me to hear his side of things about this topic. For me when I was reading in the beginning it sort of felt like Kelly was against this new “digitized library” but as we read in They Say I Say. You are a better writer when the reader can see no side. In this example Kelly also talks about the numbers of the original music, movies, photos, ect, that have been scanned and turned digital by us people. Now this reading raised a few questions for me. Is this a bad thing that we are doing this to our history? Or will this help later generations have better access to our history. That’s just something I was thinking when reading this.


“Search opens up creations” I loved this quote because it finally really shows his “side” that he has chosen for this. I showed before but to me this stands out. I agree search does change everything and it brings us to find things we would never even think to look up. When we go to libraries usually you know what you want, you get it and you leave. I personally don’t just browse until I find something interesting. But with search we are now free to find and explore without having to leave your chairs at home if we choose not to. This whole section talks about how now it is required to have a digital copy. “: Copyrights must be counterbalanced by copyduties” Kelly talks about how good it is for culture. So another question is is it really? And if it is, how do we get it to all the different cultures? Not everyone has the same resources as we do so how will they gain access to this new wonderful library that we now have?


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