Google and The Future of Books

21 Oct

I think Darton’s main focus was talking about how Google wants to get texts out so anyone can read them. They want  to improve learning by having texts available to anyone at anytime. In the article it talks about the suit against Google and how they were going against copyright laws. The Google lawsuit was resolved with a very intricate and detailed settlement stating that Google could still make texts available to anyone but some of the texts would be locked to some public unless they had a certain kind of license to view the texts that are locked. Although there will be licenses needed to see some texts there will still be some texts that are completely free to the public. Also another restriction that came with the confusing settlement that the public was going to have to deal with, was that they weren’t able to print out any text that was copyrighted without paying a fee first. Google offered to pay for that though. So overall Google just wanted to make texts available to the public to help learning but while doing that they created a, as the article stated, “monopoly.”

Another thing that was frequently mentioned in the article was the idea of the Enlightenment and the Enlightenment era. The enlightenment was “…faith in the power of knowledge, and the world of ideas in which it operated…” This meant pretty much that anyone who could read or write should have access to knowledge and and texts “with no police, no boundaries, and no inequalities other than those determined by talent.” The Enlightenment was just simply the cheerleader for knowledge. Google would be the Enlightenment of this generation. They are cheerleaders for getting texts out to the public and making knowledge available. Google is trying to bring the world together and help out by doing what they are doing and although they have been sewed they won’t let that stop them. They are fighting to make sure there aren’t charges put on printing or seeing texts so knowledge can truly be for ANYONE. Darton’s focus was to talk about how Google wants to get texts out to the public and this definitely is one of the ways he talked about it.


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