chapter 7 and 8

18 Nov

Chapter 7 was all about the “so what?” and “who cares?” of writing. When reading we find out what the when writing anything one must ask themselves who cares about this? For the “so what” the author describes it like this, “‘so what?’ asks about real -world applications and consequences of those claims …” Something we pointed out in class that helped me to better understand was that, when you are writing something that is either going against or even agreeing with another person, that what you are writing is a part of something way bigger and something that wasn’t started by you. It is a part of a “bigger conversation” that not only you are interested in. That stood out to me because when I am writing a paper about something and I use  quotes or something from another text in my text then I am adding to something and I have to remember that someone already has thrown out an opinion about what I am saying. I also have to remember to give justice to the person who had the idea before me. Its just really helpful to me because I tend to write with my opinion in mind a lot. While I should keep my opinion in my writing I can’t just totally block out the fact that people have opinions on it too. The templates given in this chapter were really helpful too. I am bad at incorporating my opinion with others especially if I disagree with them. So these really helped.

Chapter 8 connected well with chapter 7  by talking about transitions and connecting your terms, ideas, sentences, etc. The quote that  helped me understand this was this: “when writing lacks such connections and moves in fits and starts, readers repeatedly have to go back over the sentences and guess at the connections on their own” This quote really stood out because I could totally relate to it. Sometimes when I read I have to keep going back to re-read, granted when that happens I am usually reading something I’m not interested in or something that is super complex to me. But the fact of the matter is I have to keep starting over and it’s time consuming. This chapter talks about how to possibly prevent that. Some of the ways the chapter talks about helping that is, using transition terms, adding pointing words, using certain key terms and phrases all over your text, repeat things but change them up a little each time. These things can help to make a common essay or piece of writing into something impactful and easy to understand. This chapter was super helpful.


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